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American innovation inspired by the legacy of Swiss precision, this is Küng Techniques.  It is preparation meets opportunity.  Apply common sense in industrial design to develop effective automated solutions for existing market industries and our clients. KüngTech’s team of innovators provide answers to challenges you have yet to discover in your business. The aim is to eliminate the unnecessary by creating the ultimate Mechanical Applications of all equipment.  Engineering tangible, solid and practical solutions that make people- and efficient-sense by design, prototype, production and results-driven collaboration.




Beautifully engineered machine capable of producing 396 consistently packed and measured pre-rolls per pound of cannabis in less the 60 seconds per cycle. Comprised of a stainless steel core, aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, carbon-fiber, and to operate with nylon-based honeypods. The Magnum is a two-piece hub with limited-friction design that enables smooth production and servicing.  This state-of-the-art machine uses three rotational forces simultaneously to drive precision packing of each pre-roll. The Magnum is custom made for the Cannabis industry, dynamically balanced, and boasts our black-hole design which offers more weight per swing and the maximum power while retaining its compact size for work-friendly operations.
YouTube Feature Video:  KuengTech Magnum GPC Teaser
✓ OSHA compliant
✓ Schneider Electric and WEG are OEM Partners
Safety Features: Schneider Electric HMI- Smart computer and sensors that monitor vital aspects of all processes during operation with auto delay and shutdown.
Ensure brand awareness by keeping up with the growing industry
50%-100% margins increase by creating pre-rolls
Optimize the number of pre-rolls out of every pound, at near 100% consistency
No cherry drops, No more runs, No pockets, No crutch
Achieve the PERFECT BURN IMPACT formula with each pre-roll
No loss of product in production
Fills and packs at the same time
No Maintenance, simple cleaning, easy to use.
Flexibility to make 396 pre-rolls in less than 60 seconds with option to spin lesser quantity.  Each device comes equipped with an HMI touch-screen interface to customize the density of your pre-roll pack.
Demo Run with Clients: Client Video Testimonial

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Patent Pending Pods:

In addition, the nylon-based adaptive cellular matrix is an FDA approved, true non-stick and poreless material that can be sterilized at temperatures up to 400˚. It accommodates any size or model cone, precise to the mm and degree to ensure perfect seating and zero wrinkling.


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One of a its kind. Immaculately engineered machine complex yet simple in method and robust in capabilities. We didn’t reinvent the wheel here, we made it better. Consistently and concisely shred one pound of dried product into ready-to-process product within minutes.
Option of single phase  variable speed controller or 3 phase for more torque
Optional speed controller of  0-97 rpm, 480 inch-pounds of torque
*Inquire about higher torque options, prices will vary for custom orders
Double sided shredding wheel is made of 7075 hard coat anodized aluminum
3/4 hp WEG motor
Teflon or stainless steel auger hopper for easy and safe product deployment into shredder
Minimal cleaning of machine, minimal human touch to operate machine
Effectively and consistently breaks down the flower including stems without damaging the product, no powder, no uneven shred.
Properly shreds and prepares product for next step processing whether for pre-rolls, extraction and/or infusions.
Check this video out! Early Stage Development – Prototype Run:  Vexar Pinmill Run – sans Auger
Featured Industry Partner: Cannabis


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KT Vexar Stage 1 - Shredder Piece



Early Stage Prototype