To our Clients, ​P​artners, and Colleagues,

We are making adjustments to our operations to deal with the  Covid-19 pandemic and the 9 County Government order to shut down. Our first priority is health and safety. We are setting up technology to allow our team to work remotely from our offices. We are also encouraging our people and our clients to use technology, specifically video teleconferencing, as a substitute for all non-essential in-person meetings and referencing the CDC guidelines.

We will continue to do everything in our power to serve you. There will be increasing challenges to our workflow and communications if this pandemic increases significantly in severity. Some of those challenges may be external and beyond our control, but we will continue to find alternative ways to get things done. Over the short-term we may be challenged to deliver service with the normal speed and accommodation, however, we will continue to support you and your orders as projected. If you have any specific concerns about your ​orders at this time, please contact ​our general line or the ​account manager of your ​order directly.