The team of innovators at KüngTech believe there is a current untapped market opportunity to deliver better solutions for commercial processing and packing of Cannabis products because: 1) existing providers of cannabis production machinery are not available to serve the increasingly specialized needs of the cannabis industry, and 2) the incorporation of greater precision controls at profitable volumes within such machinery will greater serve the needs of this segment of this growing industry.
The evolving cultural and legal integration of Cannabis with its production and application in the last century have impacted adversely on the plant’s movement towards a global natural commodity status like coffee, wheat, and soybeans. This delay has made cannabis the Cinderella step-child in the list of our world’s natural resources. Cannabis processing as an emerging industry is wracked with novelty, improper, unsafe, non-standardized processes only highlighting the pitfalls of existing equipment in today’s market which are improper, unevolved or just unavailable.  Agricultural and culinary equipment have been recklessly relabeled to serve the cannabis industry.
Current Challenges:
Rapid Production to Market
Consistency of Mass Production
Exponential Manual Labor Costs and Risks
Degradation of Quality and Consistency with Human Touch
Lack of safety standards, practices and processes that meet commercial food and manufacturing compliances for consumable products
At KüngTech, we introduce technology, apply common sense in industrial design, and seek effective automated solutions for the cannabis industry from seed to consumer. We consider ourselves the first non-novelty business solutions in the new era of cannabis. KungTech aims to be the vessel on which the cannabis industry will propel its position out from under the shadows to its place as a global commodity. Utilizing proven resources for industrial-grade durability and efficiency, KüngTech will be the leader in innovative solutions at every level of cannabis production. The definitive goal is to set you free.